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Be Safe Buy Real


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We are excited to partner with the National Consumers League’s LifeSmarts program (LifeSmarts.org) to give students and educators a deeper understanding of the global issue of counterfeit goods and its impact on individuals, communities, and economies.


LifeSmarts is an educational program that engages middle and high school students in real-world learning and prepares them for adult life beyond the classroom. For nearly 30 years, LifeSmarts has provided free, innovative curriculum focusing on personal finances, consumer rights, technology, the environment and health and safety.


This year, LifeSmarts is integrating UL Standards & Engagement’s anti-counterfeiting content, Be Safe Buy Real, into its consumer rights and responsibilities-focused content. LifeSmarts invites all student participants to learn about counterfeit goods and create and share informational posters to communicate their knowledge of fake products.


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