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World Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign

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Global Impact

Did you know the counterfeiting industry has generated trillions of dollars globally? Counterfeiting has had a huge economic impact, but the problem goes far beyond money. Learn more about how counterfeiters took advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic and put many people and essential workers at risk. You will also learn how counterfeiting is connected to organized crime, human trafficking and more.

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Battery Safety

We use batteries every day-they are in our phones, laptops, and countless toys and other items in our homes. But counterfeit batteries skip a lot of the safety measures authentic batteries must follow, which leads to potentially disastrous consequences. Find out more about what makes counterfeit batteries unsafe, how to spot them and how to purchase authentic products.

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Safe Shopping

Okay, so counterfeiting is bad, but how do we make sure we are shopping safely? Counterfeit products are becoming even more prevalent on online shopping platforms where it can be difficult to authenticate sellers. Whether it is in a store or online, read up on safe shopping tips to avoid unsafe products that are funding crime.

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Home Safety

What are some commonly counterfeited products that you have in your home? Some of the answers might surprise you. Learn more about the products that are meant to keep you safe or comfortable at home that may be putting your home and health at risk. 

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Human Health

What’s the harm in counterfeit toys or beauty products? While the prices are lower, the health risks are not worth the cost. You may be shocked to learn these seemingly harmless products contain ingredients that will make you sick, quite literally.


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