Tactics of a Total Business Solution to Brand Protection

By Jeremy Wilson, Ph.D, Michigan State University
Be Safe Buy Real

Counterfeiting is a multifaceted problem requiring a multifaceted approach. Typical anti-counterfeiting efforts, however, are scattered or reactive. To better address the problem, Jeremy Wilson and colleagues recommend a total-business solution, involving all functions of a firm. 

This research, based on a survey of anticounterfeiting practitioners and other experts, found hundreds of unique tactics firms could use in the fight against counterfeiting. Legal function tactics were among the most common. These can include seeking injunctions against counterfeiters or organizing evidence for law enforcement investigators. Legal function actions can signal willingness to fight infringement and thereby deter infringers. More generally, prevention, proactivity and strategy should be emphasized in anti-counterfeiting efforts. Enforcement metrics, such as those on customs locations and personnel, can also inform efforts such as training of law enforcement.


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