Consumer Attitudes and Behavior Toward Counterfeit Purchases

Be Safe Buy Real

This is a panel discussion that took place during the 2020 Virtual Research Symposium. Panelists joining the webinar noted that the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting messages can vary by product. Some of the other discussion points included whether top-tier manufacturers see the benefit of spending money on anti-counterfeiting, the importance of public safety messages, and what strategies might brand owners pursue to reduce counterfeiting.

This session was moderated by Cliff Grammich, Ph.D, Director, Birdhill Research and Communications, LLC.

The panelists were:

  • Dennis Collopy, University of Hertfordshire 
  • Kasie Brill, U.S Chamber of Commerce 
  • Michael Hanson, Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) 
  • Judy Jeevarajan, Underwriters Laboratories 
  • Rich Kaeser, Johnson & Johnson

To view the panel discussion, click here.  
For a link to the full symposium video and for more information on the 2020 Virtual Research Symposium, click here.